[mythtv-users] Crashing when watching LiveTV

Aaron Johnson aajohnso at mbhs.edu
Sun Mar 7 11:31:48 EST 2004

After much trouble I finally got MythTV 0.14 working on my Pentium III
900Mhz, 512MB ram, TNT2 Ultra, WinTV FM, SB Live, Red Hat 9, 2.6.3 kernel
box. After much tweaking (including fixing the IRQ conflict with the nic,
getting rid of the graphics card that didnt support Xv, compiling a
new kernel, install/compile issues, etc), it now encodes and decodes video
at a good quality. The only problem is that it crashes after a while, from
2-15 min after I switch to LiveTV. It is a very effective crash,
everythign stays as is (including video output and whatever tone was on
audio output, numlock/caps lock stay as is, power button is useless). At
first i thought the proc was overheating (as it was like 100F at the bios
screen even after i added 2 more fans), but i added some new thermal
interface compound and that brought it down to about 90F at the bios. I
ran a CPU burn-in thing for over an hour and a half without it failing, so
i dont think it could be the proc overheating. It has never died recording
video (even over an hour), or watching video using Xawtv. A few times
after it has died i've opened it up quickly to see if anything seemed like
it was overheating (ram, video card, etc), but couldnt find anything too
The only other real problem is that it has a hard time reading the Vbi
data. I'm not sure why MythTV is the only program that has so much trouble
with this, but more that half of the time it comes up dark and redish,
with a vbi error. This has never happened to me with Xawtv, or with any
windows app. I havent had time to read all of the past posts on this
issue, it isnt as big of a problem as the crashing problem.


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