[mythtv-users] Audio - cannot hear anything

Steve Dorsey steve at dorseygraphics.com
Sun Mar 7 03:28:33 EST 2004


   I just set up my first MythTV box. Installed Fedora and MythTV, and 
realized that there is WAAAAAY too much stuff to get through for my 
Mac-using GUI self, so I turned to "gnoppmyth". That works well.

   I got the picture to show up without too much trouble. The problem is 
my audio.

   Do I need to configure the "dev" or "dsp" settings to get this to 
work? I don't really know what those do, but they appear to affect 
audio channels (?)

   I'm running an Intel P4 2GHz with 512MB RAM and a WinTV 250. My video 
output is a Guellemot card that I had lying around. It has an Nvidia 
chip. It does not support sound.

   The WinTV 250 (hauppage card) is using the coaxial input from my 
basic cable (for testing). This carries audio AND video. I have 
on-board sound on the motherboard.

Any input is appreciated. Please let me know if I can provide mor einfo.



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