[mythtv-users] New System Install Problems (Matrox G400, Hauppage PVR-250, SB Live)

Jason R Neuhaus jneuhaus at cox.net
Sat Mar 6 23:36:42 EST 2004

I am attempting to install MythTV on a new machine from a bunch of spare
parts I had laying around, here's what I've got:
P3 450 (yeah, I know :)
512 RAM
Matrox G400 MAX
Hauppage PVR-250
SB Live
Some 3com ethernet card
120 GB HD
lircd 0.7.0pre1
mysql 11.18

I've been following the instructions at (http://wilsonet.com/mythtv), and
I've run into a few problems, and I was hoping someone here could help.
This is a fresh install of Fedora Core 1.  I seem to be having 3 main

1) when I run the MythTV setup program, I answer yes to clearing out any
preexisting information, I get a screen with little swirly straw looking
things on it, and it just sits there, no text, no prompts, no processing, HD
is idle, etc.  I've let it sit for quite a while and it never seems to end.
It is my understanding that there should be some setup menus here?

I am using matrox's drivers for cloning the main display to the TV.  I am
running the main display at 800x600 85Hz, secondary at 800x600 60Hz.  The TV
out appears to be working fine, both my monitor and the TV I had to borrow
from elsewhere in the house show the same thing.

Any ideas?

In my messages file, I get an error from modprobe at bootup about "can't
locate module fb0".

The only other messages I see are from mythtv itself saying something to the
effect of
(mythtv) resolved address "xml:................gconf......"
There are 3 of them all relating to resolving address, and all 3 mention

I also get another error during startup:
modprobe: can't locate module char-major-188
usually repeated 3 or more times.

2) Could never get the remote to work.  I am running lircd 0.7.0pre1.
Previously I could run irw and it jsut wouldn't recognize any button presses
on the remote, now I can't even run irw, I get connection refused, or other
errors.  I believe it may be related to /dev/lirc and /dev/lircd, can
someone tell me what their devices look like?

c--------- root root 61, 0 /dev/lirc
srw-rw-rw- root root       /dev/lircd

Sorry for the manual types data here, I don't have much setup on this
machine yet and have to switch back and forth to type in relvent info.

syslog errors I see when it fails are:
lirc...... could not open /dev/lirc
lirc.......default_init() no such device

at bootup, it seems to recognize the device:
lirc_i2c: chip found at 0x18 (Hauppauge IR)
lirc_dev: ............... sample rate: 10

3) When I play video back during testing, I see the video play back on the
main CRT display, but not on the cloned display?
Using mplayer, I can see the video in display 1, but on display 2, all I see
is the window surround with no video in it?  I am using the drivers and
mpgadesk tool from the Matrox website.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.  After spending all day on
this, I'm running out of ideas.

    Thanks in advance,
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