[mythtv-users] Slow-down between v0.13 and 0.14?

jdpotter at excite.com jdpotter at excite.com
Sat Mar 6 23:02:42 EST 2004

Okay, thanks for the info.  I've now tried that, and xvinfo does not complain.  Running 'mythfrontend' from a terminal window doesn't cause any complaints about xv either.

I've upgraded from a 500 MHz processor to an 800 MHz one (I'm surprised my motherboard didn't complain and reject it).  This gave me the extra boost to playback up to 640x480 recordings.  I still get two mythfrontend threads using the majority of the processor time, but (at 640x480) they combine to be less than 90%.  No dropouts so far.

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