[mythtv-users] Audio out on PVR350 with SCART connector?

Niklas Brunlid nbr at ticalc.org
Sat Mar 6 22:29:57 EST 2004

On Sat, 06 Mar 2004 20:27:27 +0100, Niklas Brunlid <nbr at ticalc.org> wrote:

> On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, Nick Kaijaks wrote:
>> On 04 March 2004 23:38, Niklas Brunlid wrote:
>> >So. I went and got a SCART audio patch that sits between the TV and
>> >the SCART connector, to connect to my sound card - but it turns out
>> >that if I connect it, the sound in the PVR350<->SCART cable won't
>> >work, so now I get sound in MythDVD and MythVideo, but not in
>> >LiveTV/View recordings...
>>  If you connect the 350 line-out into the sound card input, then this
>> cable setup would work for both.
> It should but it doesn't. Simply put, as long as the audio patch cable is
> connected the audio through the PVR350 SCART cable doesn't work.
> The only line-out of the 350 is the one sticking out from the computer 
> end
> of the SCART cable, right? I think I tried connecting that one to the
> line-in of the Pundit's built-in sound card, made no difference (probably
> because it doesn't actually disable the audio going through the SCART
> cable itself).

Replying to myself here just to say that I tried a simple experiment; I 
played some recorded TV (which gives sound through the SCART cable to the 
TV) and connected the line-out 3.5" connector on the SCART cable to my 
amplifier and what do you know - there *no sound* coming through that 
cable. Anyone know what it actually does?

The "manual" that comes with the PVR350 doesn't even mention the SCART 
cable, it just assumes that I have a breakout cable with 
SVideo/Composite/AudioL/AudioR out(which, as mentioned before, would make 
my this a whole lot easier).

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