[mythtv-users] one IR receiver to rule them all?

Mike Jasper e394td at comcast.net
Sat Mar 6 20:04:21 EST 2004

>>Should be a simple question for someone to answer:
>>I'll have two PVR-250s, fed by two Dish Network receivers.  Can a single 
>>IR receiver + a single remote be used to control both tuners, plus other 
>>stuff (MythGame, MythMusic, etc)?
> I've got a PVR-350 and a 250, and I'm using just the 350's remote to
> control everything. Works like a charm.

Cool.  Could you or anyone else elaborate on how to do this?  Am I 
correct that you have an IR receiver attached to each PVR-x50 card, but 
you're using one remote to send different signals to each IR receiver?

So tell me if I have this right:  I'll have two PVR-250's, each with 
it's own (included) IR receiver attached.  I'll be able to control both 
receivers with a single remote (I'd like to use the universal remote 
that came with my NAD surround receiver - is that possible?).  I'll also 
need an IR blaster to control the two Dish receivers from Myth, right? 
Can a single IR blaster be shared across two PVR-250's?

So many questions...sorry!  Thanks for any help.


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