[mythtv-users] Strange behavior using nuvexport

Jeff Siddall news at thesiddalls.net
Sat Mar 6 19:51:23 EST 2004

I've been experimenting with nuvexport to get some shows to SVCD.  While
I have met with some success, I'm having two problems:

1. When I attempt to export to a file on an NFS filesystem, frequently
(50% of the time) there is no .mpg file when nuvexport finishes, even
when it says it was successful.  All that is produced is a small .tmp
file.  There's lots of space on the filesystem, so that shouldn't be a

2. When nuvexport does generate a file, it seems to have some
interference patterns around motion (not macroblocks -- more like a
checkerboard pattern).  The source Myth recording is a 480x480 MPEG4, so
no resizing should be required.  I have a screen capture if anyone is

Any ideas?


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