[mythtv-users] Yikes! I just saw a warning about refresh rates - please advise.

Gert van der Knokke gertk at xs4all.nl
Sat Mar 6 12:31:47 EST 2004

Steve Dorsey wrote:

> Hello
>   I should have my first MythTV box built this evening (P4 2GHz) and I 
> was looking at the Knoppmyth CD. Some directions advise to set the 
> refresh rate or I could destroy my TV!

If you have a standard Pal/NTSC TV there is no need to worry, these sets 
simply can't sync to anything other than 15 kHz Horizontal and 50/60 Hz 
Vertical. The input circuit and sync separator will ignore anything 
other than those frequencies.

With Plasma or LCD TV's you need to check the manual for the correct 
frequencies/resolutions. They won't break if you get it wrong but you 
may try for hours fiddling with dotclocks, horizontal /vertical sync 
polarity and such just to get something on screen...

>   What do I have to worry about here, and is there an easy way to find 
> (and input) the correct settings? 

Most important is that you set your TV standard right (PAL/NTSC) and 
setup your TV output for Composite/SVHS/whatever it needs.. :-)

Good luck,

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