[mythtv-users] Just 2 more hiccups...

Darren Richards darren.richards at cox.net
Fri Mar 5 20:26:54 EST 2004

Thomas Börkel wrote:

> HI!
> Jason Donahue wrote:
> > I switched from TV-Out on my pvr-350 to using a gforce4. With the switch
> > I also re-installed using Jarod's Fedora Howto.
> I am also using my GeForce FX for now, but I plan to use the PVR-350
> TV-out in the future.
> > The first problem I am having is that my Live TV "stutters"
> > occasionally. Not all the time, but enough to be annoying. This NEVER
> > happened with the 350 TVOut. I have read up on what could cause this,
> > for example color depth being set to something other than 24bit. I
> > *THINK* I've eliminated all the obvious (HD using DMA for example). I
> > know that now the CPU has to do the decoding, but my setup is Athlon XP
> > 1800, with 512MB DDR Ram. I thought this would be enough. Additionally,
> > when it starts stuttering I monitor CPU usage, as well as disk I/O, and
> > neither seem to be the cause.
> I have a Celeron 2600 and it stutters also every now and then. More
> noticable in LiveTV than in watching a recording. I have also checked
> screen depth and DMA.
> Shortly I am trying a remote frontend with P3 866. I am curious how this
> one will manage.

I recently switched from the pvr-350 tv out to a geforce4 mx card on my P3
700.   I have yet to see a stuttering problem.  I've even watched a
recording while simultaneously recording another show and
ripping/transcoding a dvd, all with no problem.  The only reason I bring
this up is to confirm that both the Celeron 2600 and the P3 866 should be
more than enough horsepower to watch live TV.

> > What else can I look at?
> I would be interested, too. But it may be very short high demand in CPU
> usage. If I monitor CPU usage with top, mythfrontend uses 25-30% during
> LiveTV. But top cannot show very short peaks. So, it still can be a CPU
> issue.
> If you lower the bitrate, CPU usage will go down a bit. Normally, I have
> 7000/8000, but I also tried 6000/6000 and it still stutters a bit from
> time to time.

While watching TV, myhtfrontend seems to take about 30% of my CPU with a
bitrate of 4500/6000.   I'm suspecting the problem is not CPU related...

> Or maybe it's caused by weak antenna signal?
> Thomas


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