[mythtv-users] Cheapest card for capturing with MythTV?

Bill Chmura Bill at Explosivo.com
Fri Mar 5 16:08:03 EST 2004

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On Friday 05 March 2004 01:03 pm, Andrew Dodd wrote:
> Quoting Bill Chmura <Bill at Explosivo.com>:
> > I love my 350...
> >
> > But anyway, I was wondering more about the burning to DVD... I've been
> > using avidemux2 to chop out commercials, then save as DVD PS... This
> > still takes about an hour for 24 minutes of video on a P4 2.4 machine.
> > Seems excessive don't it.
> >
> > Is there any step in the process I can skip?  Maybe the video
> > processing?  I am new to video processing...
> Something sounds wrong here.
> I've heard that saving to DVD PS still has some bugs.

I've heard the same thing, but I've had a lot of problems working with the 
video period... tried that as the least amount of steps!  

> Currently what I do:
> Load/index the MPEG (.nuv) file
> Cut the commercials
> Save the edit list in case of a crash

 never thought of that part... gonna have to start doing that

> Save raw audio to a file
> Save raw video to a file
> Multiplex the audio/video to a new DVD program stream using mplex from
> mjpegtools Burn to DVD (or copy it over the original .nuv file and redo the
> recordedmarkup table for that recording, resulting in a Myth recording with
> commercials removed)

Now, how can I do this last part?  The redoing the recorded markup table....  
I've heard that FF and stuff does not work after if you change the file... 
and that you can't redo the markup

> When burning to DVD, you can use a FIFO instead of a file between mplex and
> dvdauthor.  This will greatly increase speed, since almost ALL of the
> operations listed above (except for MPEG indexing) are disk I/O bound.
> I haven't figured out how to use FIFOs for the avidemux output, which would
> greatly increase performance too, for the same reason as using a FIFO
> between mplex and dvdauthor.  Note that you'll get large performance
> increases if the source file for any given operation is on a different
> drive than the destination file.  (This greatly increases disk throughput
> since the drives don't have to seek back and forth.)


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