[mythtv-users] Cheapest card for capturing with MythTV?

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Fri Mar 5 10:58:11 EST 2004

Andrew Dodd wrote:
> Quoting Steve Dorsey <steve at dorseygraphics.com>:
>>I think I have a card that will play back video, now I need one to 
>>What's the cheapest card I can find for capturing? 

> My advice:  Don't go cheap on the capture card.  It is one of the key factors in
> defining your MythTV experience.  Last time I tried Myth with a dumb capture
> card I was VERY disappointed with it.  With my new PVR-350 board, Myth works great.

I'll agree on principle, but also tell you that an AMD 1800xp 256 MB RAM 
with a $40 ATI TV Wonder VE card works just fine for me.  I get true 
broadcast quality when watching TV, and I've set my recording somewhere 
between VHS and broadcast quality (for space and performance concerns.) 
  I also get 640x480 with this hardware.  Audio is recorded using the 
line-in on the sound card.

I have noticed if I start watching a recording before the commercial 
custlist is done generating (or while still recording), the quality 
seems noticably worse.  If I wait until commercial cutting is done to 
watch, the quality is great.  The quality problem I notice there is NOT 
saved into the file, because going back later and watching the same show 
results in great quality.


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