[mythtv-users] Quality difference between PVR-350 and 250

Andrew Dodd atd7 at cornell.edu
Fri Mar 5 11:00:58 EST 2004

Quoting tom gill <tgill2 at msn.com>:

> I recently received my 250 for use as my secondary encoder.  Are the 
> encoders in both the 250 and 350 cards the same?  As I understand it, the 
> only difference between them is that the 350 has output.  I'm just wondering
> if I should expect the same quality with the 250 now.  Thanks again.
If anything, there is a slight chance you might see increased quality due to
hardware improvements (new tuners, etc.)  Most notably, it seems that people
using the Rev 1 (old) PVR-250s have had quality problems that users of new
boards don't seem to notice.

I wish the PVR-350 I have used the Philips 1236MK3 tuner and not one of the
earlier ones - its tuner is FAR worse than the 1236D (And I believe the
1236MK3's analog design is identical to the 1236D's)

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