[mythtv-users] Re: following Jarods FC1, hit a snag

D. Stark dirk at oceallc.com
Fri Mar 5 09:42:31 EST 2004


Yeah, commenting that mirror out that did it. When I found the 
walk-through, I hadn't realized that Jarod updates it regularly. So when I 
see something about "one of the mirrors has issues", I think to myself, 
"they MUSTA got that figured out by now!"

Guess not. 

Had to start over, but my dist-upgrade is running now without asking me to 
remove all of KDE. I take that as a Good Thing. Stupid work. Shoulda 
called in sick. I'VE GOT A MYTH BOX TO FINISH!

Thanks again guys,

Quoth Chris:
This is where I ran into trouble.  Jarod's guide says to comment out the 
redhat sources in the apt/sources.list:

    "At present, there is an issue with one of the apt repositories 
recently added to the ATrpms default sources. To get your installation 
to go off without a hitch, you'll have to comment out apt.kde-redhat.org 
in /etc/apt/sources.list (simply place a # in front of all kde-redhat 
lines), then pull one more update to get your local apt metadata cache 
fully updated to proceed with the installation"

You might try commenting out those lines in sources.list and then do 
"apt-get update" and see if that clears up the dependency problem.

I did not do this and ended up getting dependicies that could not be met 
as I installed other programs.  (for example, a package called jasper). 
   I got the exact message you got.  apt-get ended up removing packages 
whose dependencies could not be met.    I messed up and I could not 
figure out how to remedy the problem.  So I ended up just starting over 
and following the instructions more carefully and I didn't get that 
dependency problem.

I think that particular paragraph should have a highlight to make sure 
people do not miss that they really need to so something (i.e., you 
might be just looking for the command line displays in the text).


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