[mythtv-users] Video card questions - what's the cheapest useable card?

Ryan mythtv at frouse3.homelinux.com
Fri Mar 5 00:18:56 EST 2004

I just picked up a leadtek geforce4 440 today from www.newegg.com for
about 30 bucks. It uses standard nvidia drivers and has overscan ability..
should work out ok.
As for the nvidia card you have now, you should be able to use the same
nvidia package to run a new card of an nvidia chipset, the only thing that
might change is the XFREE86 file.


> Hello
>    What is the cheapest card I can use to set up a mythTV system? I'm on
> a budget.
>    Also
>    If I load RedHat Fedora onto my system before I have my final video
> card, and it loads with nVidia drivers (because that's the kind of
> extra card I have lying around), then can I load the drivers for my new
> video card when it arrives or will I have compatibility problems?
> Thanks,
> ----------------------Steve

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