[mythtv-users] noise

Simon Lundell simon at ida.his.se
Thu Mar 4 16:55:24 EST 2004

Sorry for spamming this list with this IVTV-related issue. The problem
was kernel 2.6.3, in which tuner.o is broken. Downgrading to 2.6.1 fixed

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Last Friday i foobared my /etc, so i decided to make a clean install.
Scince i had no acces to /etc i wasn't able to copy any of my
configuration files. I am now stuck on the module loading thingy, i
think. I only get noise when cat /dev/video0. I remember that I fiddled
with the ivtv settings quite a while last time I got it running, but I
do not remember what finally made it work. Can anyone help me on this

Im getting alot of these:
tuner: Huh? tv_set is NULL?

//Simon (who really like mythtv)

BTW: im in Sweden (PAL-BG)
Using 2.6.3-r1 (Gentoo patched)

Here is dmesg output after an modprobe tveeprom
It seems to be detecting the card ok.
tveeprom.c: starting probe for adapter ivtv i2c driver #0 (0x10005)
tveeprom.c: detecting tveeprom client on address 0xa0
  9 [04] 20 77 00 40 2d 81 69 00 
  3 [05] 86 00 
  8 [06] 22 7d 00 00 18 15 89 
  2 [07] 70 
Not sure what to do with tag [07]
  3 [09] 13 5f 
Not sure what to do with tag [09]
  3 [0a] 04 30 
  4 [0b] 98 18 0c 
Not sure what to do with tag [0b]
  2 [0f] 01 
Not sure what to do with tag [0f]
  2 [10] 01 
Not sure what to do with tag [10]
  2 [11] 00 
Not sure what to do with tag [11]
tvee: Hauppauge: model=32034, rev=B148, serial#=6914349
tvee: tuner=LG TP18PSB11D (idx=48, type=29)
tvee: tuner fmt=PAL(B/G) (eeprom=0x04, v4l2=0x00000007)
tvee: audio_processor=MSP3415 (type=6)


Module                  Size  Used by
tveeprom                8960  0 
ivtv                  103152  0 
videodev                7808  1 ivtv
tuner                  17028  0 
msp3400                22288  0 
saa7115                10240  0 

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