[mythtv-users] performance (bt878, athlon xp 2400, radeon 9200)

Adam Felson a.f.5 at pobox.com
Thu Mar 4 10:10:08 EST 2004

> > I am running the same card here with xp2000 and radeon 9200 with no
> > problem (and I use the monitor so the resolution is 1024x768 IIRC).
> > My distro is MDK 9.2 (XFree 4.3) and XV is doing well (LiveTv with
> > quality is around 75% CPU, I use MPEG4).

> Even that seems rather slow.  I've got an XP2400 Fedora C1, TV out on
> G400, and I can almost encode 3 shows simultaneously while watching
1.  I get 
> occasional hiccups in the video playback.  Recording 2 shows while
watching 1 
> gives around 75% CPU usage with no hiccups at all.  Encoding with
> 401 cards mpeg4 480x480, btaudio, and default settings all around.

I wasn't sure wether or not encoding/decoding off the dumb cards was the
It sounds like a problem with my radeon's 9200 video support then.  

To Manu:  what are you running for video drivers?  I'm running mandrake
9.2, xfree 4.3, and ati's driver fglrx-4.3.0-3.7.1.i386.rpm.
The version of myth I'm running is mythtv-0.14.

Adam Felson <a.f.5 at pobox.com>

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