[mythtv-users] Bug in scheduler?

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Thu Mar 4 02:10:21 EST 2004


If I use the global start early/stop later feature (BTW, this should 
allow more than 10 minutes), then the scheduler will not use it, if 2 
shows run right after each other, even if on different channels. If I 
look at the conflicts screen, it says, it will use the same encoder for 
both shows. But I have 2 capture cards.

In my opinion, this is wrong.

It would not be totally fatal, if those shows are on the same channel. 
In this situation, it may "only" happen, that the end of the first show 
actually is in the second recording, still this would be a bit ugly.

But it would be fatal, if the shows run on different channels, because I 
might miss the end of the first show and the beginning of the second, if 
things go a bit wrong.

If it has to ignore the extra time (in my opinion, it should never), 
then at least only, if there is a *real* conflict (all capture cards 
already in use).

I am using 0.14.


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