[mythtv-users] MythGame Volume after upgrade

Dan Morphis dan at milkcarton.com
Thu Mar 4 00:12:26 EST 2004

Jason, there is.  Either press ~ I believe (I have an i-pac interface so 
I hold down Player 1 and press up on player 1 joystick) to get the 
volume menu.  MythGame defaults the volume to -16, where as if you run 
xmame w/o the volume option it defaults to -3.  I've been meaning to 
look into adding a volume setting on the setup screen.  In the mean 
time, edit mythgame/mamesettingsdlg.cpp, and at like 245 change the -16 
to -3.  Then execute this sql state:  UPDATE mamesettings SET volume= -3 
WHERE romname='default';

That will get you a normal volume level.


Jason wrote:

>Now that I'm not using my pvr-350, I can FINALLY enjoy mythgame! I
>started with 0.14 from atrpms, but just upgraded to the latest from CVS.
>I LOVE some of the new options in CVS (EPG select to change channel for
>one) but I noticed that after the upgrade, the volume in mythgame has
>gone WAY down. I have to blast the game just to hear it. And of course I
>always forget to adjust it when going back to TV. Is there a way I can
>fix this?
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