[mythtv-users] mythbackend locks after/before scheduled

tom gill tgill2 at msn.com
Wed Mar 3 21:55:15 EST 2004

Thank you for that suggestion.  Shutting off flagging seems to have taken 
care of the backend locking up in the middle of a show.  I did have it lock 
up on me just before a couple other shows...
Then an idea hit me... I have recording set to start a few seconds before a 
show and record a few after a show.  At first this seemed pretty harmless.  
But now that I think about it, what happens when back-to-back shows are 
scheduled on the same channel, or different channels with a single tuner?  
One show is supposed to start recording while the other show is supposed to 
be STILL recording at the same time?  Could this be causing a possible 
conflict not coded to be checked for?  I've turned everything back to 0 
before and 0 after to see if this takes care of the bug.

The mid-show lockups have stopped, only back-to-backs on the same channel 
lock up now.  I'm testing tonight to see if this is relieved.

Thanks for you Help with this....


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