[mythtv-users] Maybe a couple of stupid questions - Rankings and Card priority

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Mar 3 21:23:44 EST 2004

cmisip wrote:
> I had assumed that rankings work this way : a  higher positive number
> means higher priority.  Is this not so?  I had scheduled Star Trek
> Enterprise and gave it a +15 priority ranking, however, another show
> with a priority of 0 deactivated it.  Is the ranking process in reverse
> (i.e. negative numbers mean higher priority) like nice?

This kind of depends on what version you are running. I'll
assume 0.14. This will happen if there is another showing of
this episode of Enterprise later that doesn't have any conflicts
but your priority 0 show is only available in that time slot.
On the Conflicts page, Enterprise should be marked "O"therShowing.
If so, press enter and click "Record it anyway".

In 0.15. it's even a little smarter about these situations and
will record both if two cards are available but you can still
allow it to Later a show if possible when you have three things
for 2 cards. In .15 these "L"aterShowing situations are marked
"L" so you can find them more easily and decide what you want
to do.

> Also I have two tuner cards and one is better quality than the other. 
> Is there a way that I might specify "record this movie with this card,
> and that movie with this card" ?

Not exactly but maybe even slicker. In the new scheduler for .15
you can set an Input preference for the better card. What will
happen is that if your movie "wins" card 1 it will record on 1.
If it loses to something else so that it should be on 2, it will
look for another showing that could be recorded on card 1 instead
(yes, David, I'm cheating on the explanation ;-). If it can't
be recorded at any time on card 1 it will still record on card 2
so that you don't miss it. Again, if it does choose a LaterShowing
it will mark it as "L" to help you see if it is doing what you
really want. Oh, and if there is a movie where you want to let
the scheduler find the best showing, use "Record one showing of
this program" which is also a post-0.14 feature.

--  bjm

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