[mythtv-users] BETA of 0.4 release for MythTV - Xbox available on eMule

Dennis Cartier pvr at trigger.net
Wed Mar 3 19:33:09 EST 2004


I just wanted to let you know that I have released a BETA of the 0.4 
version of MythTV for Xbox on eMule. It is quite large (~300M) and is 
mainly a proof of concept, but is quite functional with all plug ins 
(except for Mythbrowser) included.

This should support FOCUS users and now can be run off NFS and the usual 
E: and F: partitions.

Please feel free to download it, install it and give me feed back. 
Follow the README.TXT included in it for basic instructions on 
installing it.

If you are Linux or Xbox naive, you may want to pass on this until it is 
more mature.

Remember, you should open up all the required ports in your firewall to 
allow eMule to download as well as upload to other users. If you 
minimize eMule to your system tray and the icon has a burglar mask on, 
then you are not allowing incoming connections and your speed *will* suffer.

Once your download is complete, keeping eMule up will help everyone else 
to download as well. Just remember to set the bandwidth limits so that 
the traffic does not bother you.

As always, feedback is desired and would be appreciated.


eMule link:


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