[mythtv-users] advantages to digital cable?

Andrew Dodd atd7 at cornell.edu
Wed Mar 3 15:39:55 EST 2004

Quoting Damon Haas <damon at gms.com>:

> New to this so I figured I would ask a background question. I currently
> have digital cable through comcast but it sounds as though making mythtv
> work with the digital receivers would be a good amount of extra work. 
> None of the extra steps sound particularly daunting, but are there any
> advantages to having digital cable with mythtv other than the additional
> channels?  
Currently, no.  (Note:  I believe if you subscribe to "digital" cable, only the
additional channels will actually be digital.  You can still view/record/etc.
the old channels with an analog receiver.)

There is one exception:  MythTV currently does not support recording from
Firewire MPEG2-TS sources (For two reasons:  The Linux support for this is in
its infancy in general, and until recently such sources were rare.), but since
Firewire ports that are actually enabled have been showing up on digital cable
boxes lately, I have a feeling it's a matter of time before Myth will support
Firewire-capable tuners, and hence you won't need any sort of capture card, just
a Firewire card.  (Apparently with some cable boxes, they will digitize and
compress analog channels and spit the data out the Firewire port.)

AVSForum is a good place to check what cable providers/cable boxes have been
reported to have functional Firewire ports.  I think right now, your chances are
good with Comcast, and rumors are that Cablevision boxes are just now appearing
with 1394 ports.  A friend of mine was planning on getting a Cablevision HD box,
I need to talk to him and see if he's gotten it yet and if he has, install
ddr1394 on my laptop and drive down to his house to play.  :)

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