[mythtv-users] Svideo through SCART cable on european PVR350?

Nick Kaijaks nick at kaijaks.co.uk
Wed Mar 3 14:54:29 EST 2004

Niklas wrote:
>Just got my PVR350 today and managed to build the 0.1.9 ivtv drivers
>kernel 2.6.3. Right now I have a *composite* test image on my TV, and 
>while it looks very nice, I'd like to have svideo (like I had with my
>once, and even with my Pundit's built-in TV-out). So...
>I've tried the obvious: rmmod saa7127;modprobe saa7127 pal=1 
>enable_output=1 output_select=1 test_image=1
>...where output_select=1 should be svideo, but on my TV (set to expect 
>svideo) I get the classic checkerboard-washed-out-colours theme you get

>when a displaying a composite image on an svideo device.
>Anyone with a european PVR350/SCART with any good advice? =)

Hi Niklas,

My modprobe options are the same as yours and it works fine. Maybe it's
worth a double-check of the hardware?

My TV only accepts S-Video on 1 of its 3 SCART sockets - if I connect
the SCART lead to either of the other two sockets, I get the
checkerboard. Meanwhile, on the first socket, the TV defaults back to
composite *every time* (how annoying is that?). I need to explicitly
choose S-Video to stop the checkerboard (I'll get around to teaching my
remote to do that automatically sometime).

Anyway, it sounds like maybe you've done all that. All I know is that I
spent ages checking and re-checking compile and module settings only to
discover my real problem was with the cabling.

I wrote a bunch of stuff in the ivtv Wiki about my S-Video/SCART
experience, which may be irrelevant, since it was mostly the input that
caused trouble, but it's at:


if you want to look. Perhaps you should also look at the ivtv mailing
lists? They're at:



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