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On Wed, 3 Mar 2004, Tony Maro wrote:

> local broadcasters when designing this.  As I just posted in another 
> message, I'm developing a website for a local TV station and could see a 
> use for adding a "mythrec" button that would automatically set a show to 
>   record.  To do this would require interaction with a web browser. 
> Meaning, I need to trigger the recording from my desktop PC (neither my 
> frontend nor backend have keyboards or web browsers.)

If the web browser can see both the website and the Myth box, you could 
have a text box to enter the IP of the Myth box into on your website (you 
can even store it in a cookie).  Then when you click the "record" button 
on your website you can get the browser to execute some JavaScript which 
requests a HTTP object (page, image, whatever) from the web server on the 
Myth box with all the information needed on the commandline (i.e. load an 
image called recordsomething.php?showname=foo&channel=bar from the Myth 
box).  You could even get it to bring up the Myth Web recording scheduler 
so all the recording properties can be tweaked by the user.

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