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Anderson, Rob (Global Trade) Rob.Anderson at nike.com
Wed Mar 3 13:54:02 EST 2004

I am using a Dell 400sc with a P4 2.4G and 640MB RAM. I am using a V-Stream tuner card (bttv). I can watch live TV at the maximin quality MPEG settings, without the high quality options. I capture audio uncompressed.

-Rob Anderson

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> I know there are a few of out there who are hardcore anti- on-card
> encoding/decoding.  You prefer to do everything in software with a
> monster CPU.
> I can see the long term advantages to this, and would like to 
> hear from
> you guys running these setups.  I'm particularly curious in your
> hardware, so if there are any web pages you can point me to, 
> that would
> be great.
> Thank you,
> Josh

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