[mythtv-users] New version of windows filters for mythtv

Alan Snyder ax763 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 3 10:39:15 EST 2004

> I think mythtv cvs is at protocolversion 4.
> I sent a completely untested patch yesterday to the list, it 
> adds some of the nessesary protocol changes, but there may be 
> more protocol changes I have to check.
> If you can compile the windows filters you coud give it a try 
> and tell me if it worked or not.
> I haven't upgraded yet to mythtv cvs so I cant test, I don't 
> want to risk losing/missing some recordings.

You should find the transition to CVS easy and worthwhile.  In my
experience, if you were compiling from source already, it's a complete
no-brainer.  If you were using rpm's, the hardest part (not very hard) is
recognizing what -devel packages you need to bring in to resolve any missing
includes (If you're using FC1, Jarod's guide has at least some guidance).

It's not very easy to lose a recorded file.  I've never had a database
mishap in any upgrade, but you can always backup the database as shown in
the docs and save the old binaries somewhere.  If you want to be able to
backtrack, remember you would need to restore both the database and the

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