[mythtv-users] Wierd stuff with listings (DirecTV guide)

Carl mythtv at carldunham.com
Wed Mar 3 01:01:41 EST 2004

I don't run ppv.pl at all, so all the ppv stations just say "" in the guide. 
It doesn't bother me, as I never watch ppv stations. Note that I never 
confirmed that this was a problem, I would check to see if the script is 
actually causing it...

On Tuesday March 2 2004 15:03, gabe at mustbethemoney.com wrote:
> Taking this off-list, but you just are not running the ppv.pl script
> anymore and the mythfilldatabase script is able to handle everything else?
> I was under the impression the site mythfilldatabase gets listings from
> had no PPV info.  Did you run ppv.pl 1 before pulling it, or do anything
> else?

Howard Dean for America

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