[mythtv-users] Last questions before my build

Vincent K. Britton Vincent.Britton at wiznet.com
Tue Mar 2 16:55:26 EST 2004

I am so excited about MythTV and plan to start building this weekend.


At first I am going to build on box to serve both the front end and back


I still have a few remaining questions.


First my Hardware:

For the Computer itself I acquired a Emachine T2865.  It is a 2800
Athlon XP, 512Meg Ram, 160 Gig HD, onboard NVidia GeForce4 MX Graphics.

I have 2 WinTV PVR 250's for Cable and 1 old WinTV "Home Theater
Editions" for S-Video/composite Capture.


My TV is a 4:3 HD ready Toshiba.  I plan to connect it to a device such

http://www.pacificcable.com/Picture_Page.asp?DataName=9A60 so that I
don't have to convert the signal.


I plan to run my TV off the NVidia Video card.  Since the Nvidia Driver
doesn't support interlacing I can't run at 1080i (Right?). So I assume
the best resolution I will get is 720p (by setting the desktop size to
1280x720) for 16:9 content and 480p for 4:3.  Does MythTV change the
resolution automatically based on the content it is showing?  If not how
does this work?  Can I leave it at one resolution and will Myth resize
the content accordingly?


My last question when playing MP3's with Myth, how doe the
visualizations compare to that of iTunes?  Dumb question?  Well yes, but
iTunes has the ability to quite a 8 month old crying baby.  And let me
tell you something, there is real value in that!!! ;-)  Are they good or
are they as lame as M$ Media Player's.  On that note as well when using
the slideshow application can you play MP3's in the background?


Thanks for all your help.  If you see any holes in my plan please let me




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