[mythtv-users] Best non-Hauppauge TV-out cards?

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Tue Mar 2 08:51:27 EST 2004

Can you do me a favor and post your modules.conf and XF86Config file.

- James

Darren Richards wrote:

>The Chaintech GeForce4 MX card just came in the mail today.  I finally got
>everything installed and tweaked just right, and I wanted to share my
>results.  Let me just sum up by saying that this is freakin' awesome!!  I
>have spent the last hour doing everything I could possibly imagine to try
>and crash the backend, hang my system, or stop a current recording.  I just
>can't do it anymore.  The program guide while watching live TV works like a
>champ.  I turned on the video preview option, and I entered and exited the
>"watch recordings" menu probably 4 dozen times.  I watched varoious recorded
>shows, paused, fast-forwarded, rewinded, etc...  I did this over and over
>and over and over again, but never once was I able to stop a current
>recording or hang my system.  I'm ecstatic!!  Also, the time it takes to
>change channels has gone from 4 seconds to about 1 second. Not bad!
>I'm still using the 350 as my capture card.  The on-screen displays actually
>look better with the GF4MX tv-out than with the 350.  Live (or recorded) TV
>doesn't look quite as sharp, but the difference is only really noticable
>when there is a lot of on-screen movement.  I increased the capture bitrate
>and that seemed to help.  Other than that, I haven't done any real
>As they say, YMMV, but I'd definitely recommend buying another tv-out
>graphics card, and hang on to the 350 as your capture device.  As far as the
>WAF goes, I think this will be the best investment I've made...
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>>I have a PVR-350, but due to some issues (detailed previously) as well
>>as things like mplayer and mame not running on the pvr, I'm considering
>>purchasing a reasonably cheap TV-out card until things get ironed out. I
>>need to keep the WAF up to preserve domestic tranquility, and the best
>>way might be to spend *more* money. ;-)
>>There are some good deals on GeForce4 MX cards on newegg.com... has
>>anyone had good experience using them with Myth? What seems to be the
>>best/most stable/good quality card to use?
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