[mythtv-users] Taking the plunge

Kevin Barsby Kevin.Barsby at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 2 06:37:44 EST 2004


I've just ordered an Hush PC and a PVR 350, whilst awaiting delivery I 
thought I'd try to canvass some opinion on the best way to go about 
installing and setting up. This is what I'd settled on so far:

Dist: Gentoo
Using these 

I know you can get Redhat drivers for the MPEG decoder, but I was going 
to go with 350 TV out for TV watching and DVD (via Xine or the modified 

Kernel is a big consideration, is anyone running on the 2.6 kernel 
series? Are there any benefits either way (native ALSA)?

Infrared, I've brought a UIRT2 module (http://users.skynet.be/sky50985/) 
  for which there seems to be LIRC support, the main reason for this is 
the Wake-On-LAN IR switch on feature.

Switching between TV-Outs, given MythGame and the visualisation of Mythv 
Music doesn't work on the pvr350, how easy would it be to switch between 
the MB TV-out and the pvr 350 tv out, think 2 cables and a channel 
change on the TV.

Any comments welcome :-)

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