[mythtv-users] Another feature request (zoom)

S. Baker bakers at erols.com
Mon Mar 1 21:14:03 EST 2004

   I was wondering if there was enough interest by a developer to put in
something I have found occaisionally useful in my DVD player:  zoom, along
with single frame forward and back while zoomed.  Also be able to write
the stopped frame to a file (not necessarily zoomed, since you can do 
that with an editor later, if necessary).  I find a lot more times
watching TV or recorded shows where I wish this was available 
(particularly on news or other shows with the public in the background)
than I have watching DVDs.
   What do you think?  It seems to me that it wouldn't be a huge amount
of work.

S. Baker
bakers at erols.com

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