[mythtv-users] Using RCA DirecTv Remote with hauppague IR receiver (mini-how to)

gabe at mustbethemoney.com gabe at mustbethemoney.com
Mon Mar 1 17:04:39 EST 2004

I am succesfully able to use my RCA DirecTV remote with mythtv using the
RC-5 protocol.  I had to dig around the lirc website to find the
appropriate config file (which is essentially a phillips VCR config file).

To do this, set up up one of the VCR buttons with code 2062 (Hold down the
VCR button, and while holding type 2062 and then release the VCR button). 
Feel free to use my config files (they are located on a dynamic IP so
hopefully the IP will be good, I will transfer them to
http://mustbethemoney.com/mythdocs/XX soon)

There is very limited functionality using this script (channel change,
stop, play, rewind, pause, record) and I have programmed the GO BACK key
as "OK" key because of its position on the remote and the ANTENNAE button
to be "Exit", however I may change them around as play and stop accomplish
the same function.  I could not program the info key, even though I know
it sends a code.

The limitation is because the remote does not send IR codes for most of
the buttons (inc. the diamond arrows).  This is unfortunate, but better
than using two remotes.  Preferrably, I would like to find a code to enter
for the AUX button, as I am convinced every button on the remote can then
be mapped.  If anyone discovers how to do this, and can point in the right
direction, that would be great (and better than building an IR receiver
that is compatible with the remote as is).  I did try all the cable box
codes for Phillips as in the manual w/o any success, so if anyone else has
gotten this far, help would be appreciated.

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