[mythtv-users] Hardware Question

Dex West dexwest at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 1 14:42:26 EST 2004

Newbie alert!! Sorry, but I've been reading the
mailing list for the last week and have read through
several hardware manufacture's websites, about
hardware specs.  I'd like to build my first mythTv
box, but first need to buy some hardware.  I'd like to
make sure whatever hardware I buy will A.  Give me
good quality B.  Straight forward to install.

After reading through the user list and looking at the
hardware DB, I get the feeling Hauppauge 350 is the
best bet.  

My question is:  If I go with the Hauppauge 350 should
I also buy a gfx card with TV out?  Looks like
according to Hauppauge website the 350 can record OR
playback video but not both.  Is that True?  Or should
I get a 250/350 and a gfx card with TV out??

My goal is to get the system up and running soon so I
can add some applications/programming help.  I'm very
excited by this project.


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