[mythtv-users] ATC-620 front logo

Boyd II, Willy wboyd at fulbright.com
Mon Mar 1 11:48:52 EST 2004

OK, so my black NEC 8x dvd burner came in (super deal!  I highly suggest
it... look it up on newegg)...  and now I'm REALLY about to make the plunge
and get the CoolerMaster ATC-620 case.  I've been putting it off in case
other suggestions came down the wire, but so far I still like this one the

However, the reason I was a little worried, is from the pictures, I really
can't stand the ugly white "ATC" logo on the front.  So this question is for
owners of this (black) case out there:  does the logo really stand out that
much?  And more importantly, is it the sort of painted thing I could
possibly scratch off without damaging the case?  Or at the very least I
guess, black it out with something.  Thanks for any input!

- Willy

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