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Mark Farragher mark at farragher.com
Mon Mar 1 09:47:55 EST 2004



I'm a former Windows Media Center user but I've seen the light and migrated
to MythTV. I've been installing and tweaking my system since last Saturday
and I'm slowly getting there. Some problems remain, maybe one of you can
help me?


I'm using Mandrake 9.2 and the 2.4.22-26mdk kernel and I have a Hauppauge
PVR350 card. I'm not using the TV-out, I have connected my TV to the VGA
port of the GeForce with an external VGA2TV converter (the TviewGold). My
graphics adapter is a GeForce 4Mx and I use a SoundBlaster AWE64 card. My
computer uses the evil VIA K133 motherboard. I'm in holland, I use analog
cable and my cable provider is Casema.


1.	I can "insmod ivtv" with no problems but then if I do a "cat
/dev/video0 > test.mpg" I get 0 bytes. When viewing tv in mythtv I get a
black screen and myth is complaining that it can't read bytes from the
/dev/video0 device. It must be a ivtv configuration problem but I can't find
what it is. I tried some test_ioctl settings but to no avail. Does anyone
know what ioctl settings work for dutch television? What's the exact
sequence of steps (once you can load ivtv) to get the video device working?

2.	When I watch video's in myth (avi's encoded with divx or xvid) I get
choppy video. The video image keeps freezing for a fraction of a second.
Sound is ok tho. Playback improves if I pause and play the video, but the
problem returns after about half a minute or so. I "fixed" the problem by
using xine instead, but xine doesn't integrate well into myth. Are there
command line options to fix the choppy video problem in mplayer?

3.	I ran mythfilldatabase (it uses tv_grab_nl) but my guide doesn't
contain any show descriptions. I read somewhere that tv_grab has a -slow
option that lets you grab descriptions too. How do I configure
mythfilldatabase to use the -slow option?


The first problem is most pressing right now, because it prevents me from
watching any tv. 

Any ideas? 




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