[mythtv-users] Some problems with myth/ivtv - workarounds?

Jon Coulter ledjon at ledjon.com
Mon Mar 1 09:04:12 EST 2004

I've also had good luck with just reloading the ivtv kernel module (rmmod
ivtv && insmod ivtv -- in the most basic form)

I've even setup a crontab to reload it every few hours (assuming nothing is
reading from the video input at the time... which can be checked using lsof
and grep'ing for video0/1/whatever)

Jon Coulter
ledjon at ledjon.com 
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On Sun, 2004-02-29 at 07:14, Thomas Börkel wrote:
> HI!
> My Myth box is now running for 1 week and I am already totally addicted 
> to it. ;-)
> Many thanks to Isaac and the other developers and to Jarod and Axel.
> Apart from some minor glitches, I had several serious problems, that may 
>   all be related to ivtv, but still maybe some of you "senior myth 
> users" have a workaround.
> I have an ASUS P4PE-X/SE, Intel 845P chipset, Celeron 2.6, PVR-250, 
> PVR-230, GeForce FX 5200. I do NOT use the 350's TV-out at the moment.
> Software is Fecora Core 1, Myth 0.14, ivtv 0.1.9, set up with Jarod's
> Problems:
> 1. no capture data from card (several times)
> Sometimes it happens (for Live TV or a recording) that the capture card 
> does not send data or stops sending. mythbackend waits for 15 seconds 
> and then gives up. Sometimes, I have to reload ivtv or reboot, sometimes 
> mplayer immediately after this shows data from /dev/video1 and then at 
> the next try, Myth works, too (self-repairing?).
> I am certain, this is an ivtv problem.
> 2. Recording without audio (one time)
> I had one recording with no audio. I do not know why. I don't know, if 
> this is an ivtv issue.
> 3. Recording too short (one time)
> When we watched some earlier recordings while another show was being 
> recorded, that recording ended too earlier without an error or warning 
> (at least I have seen none). Isaac said, this is an ivtv issue, but I 
> have just read a similar thread at the ivtv mailing list and I 
> understand, that they do not think it's an ivtv issue.
> Please remember, most of the time it works OK. And also, that I do NOT 
> use the TV-out of the 350 at the moment.
> So, please, any comments are appreciated (users with the same problem) 
> and any workarounds are very much appreciated.
> If you are certain, this is an ivtv problem, then I will be happy to 
> talk to those developers in their mailing list.
> Thanks!
> Thomas
These are all ivtv problems, and don't too much about pointing them out
at the ivtv list, first of all most of them read this list and second,
they know about them.  AFAIK these are problems related to firmware and
modules loading and race conditions and...  Basicaly _really_ hard to
reproduce.  The good news is that if you reboot and make sure it's
working then they normally continue working.

Just My 2 Cents


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