[mythtv-users] Hard drive recommendation

Mike Jasper e394td at comcast.net
Mon Mar 1 01:23:40 EST 2004

D Banerjee wrote:

>>  > 3. Not really related to the drive itself, but does anyone know where
> I
>>>can get rubber drive mountings?  I don't want the full-blown drive
>>>enclosures with heatsinks on them, etc.  Just some rubber mountings to
>>>bolt the drive down with.
>>http://www.mcmaster.com is a fantastic source for all kinds of fasteners.
> They only have about 130,000 fasteners ;) Anything you were thinking of
> specifically?

Yeah, it's hard to find what you need there :-)  Try searching for item 
9311K138 - then click the "Catalog Page" link in the left frame.  You'll 
see a few choices.

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