[mythtv-users] Mythvideo/IMDB script not working [Bump] SOLVED!

David myth at dgreaves.com
Wed Jun 30 13:15:19 EDT 2004

Stephen Tait wrote:

> David, you're a genius.

er, ta :)

> I've had problems with resolution and PERL before (there was a module 
> somewhere that would refuse to compile cos I didn't have a valid DNS 
> entry in my hosts file for localhost; adding my network IP addy and 
> hostname - which I always do anyway, but hadn't done at that stage - 
> fixed it), but this really didn't occur to me. wget works fine, the 
> script works fine... everything's fine!

well - it's not really.
Adding things like this to your hosts file will hurt you one day.

You need to find out why it wouldn't resolve and fix that.

What's in /etc/reolv.conf?


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