[mythtv-users] Sound controls....

Dudley Atkinson dudley at jdatkinson.net
Wed Jun 30 12:13:03 EDT 2004

Some interesting things are going on....

My alsa is configured and works fine to send mplayer sound output to the
output of choice on my Audigy card, so I'm pretty sure the system is setup

I have a PVR-350 for recording and playback which does well at playing both
audio/video to the 350 card.  But I've selected in the setup for the
playback audio to go to the ALSA:mixed-analog port (my analog port on the
Audigy card).  This is analogous to using the '-ao alsa1x:mixed-analog' that
works in mplayer?

I'm not sure if my reading was in new or old info, so any help is

I'm going to do the AC3/SPDIF testing later, once I get these basics down
pat on the little kitchen TV.

Something else that happens is that in playback, I click to raise the
volume, and it says on the OSD "35%" briefly, then goes to "0%" and won't
move with any keystrokes....


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