[mythtv-users] Firewire and HDTV once again

ian at duckland.org ian at duckland.org
Wed Jun 30 00:53:00 EDT 2004

Okay - so I finally picked up my Comcast 6200 from Comcast today after 
going through (what felt like) a nightmare to get it.  And in a few days 
when the box syncs its channels and is able to receive HD channels 
properly I'll start playing with the firewire port on my myth box that 
keeps staring at me.  Going back through the archives I saw that someone 
managed to get the ddr1394 code partially working.  I'd like to test 
if if out, if anyone is willing to send it to me...

Though I'm not a coder, I'll be upgrading to cvs again this weekend so if
anyone wants to take a stab, I'm willing to test any code that'll get HDTV 
over firewire working (subject to hardware damage, of course!)


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