[mythtv-users] 2 Identical Live Streams from One Tuner

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Subject: [mythtv-users] 2 Identical Live Streams from One Tuner

  Hello all,
    Just hearing about the MythTV project, looks fantastic, and have decided
to dive in myself. However, I have a few questions. If I have a backend with
one tuner card, can I have two different frontends play the same (live) TV
stream? Also, are there any alternate-platform (read: windows-based) for
Myth? Sometimes I like having a small tuner window on my desktop, and my
normal working environment is Windows.

     Also, just a comment. The MythTV website doesn't seem to have good
descriptions of what frontend and backend truly mean. Eg, what each is for,
what type of hardware to expect on each (assuming they're physically
separate), or logical component breakdown. I've only just now understood
this concept after a good deal of research and lurking on this list. Does
anyone have a good website that describes this? Maybe a general high-level
architecture diagram would be a good addition to the Myth website.


  sounds like a really good multicast app
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