[mythtv-users] GeForce 4 and MythTv Frontend

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Tue Jun 29 13:44:47 EDT 2004

I don't know about GF4's, but my cheap-as-chips GeForceFX MX4000 (cost me 
about 40 sterling brand new, and I could have got it much cheaper online) 
does all of the MPEG2 decoding - watching, recording and doing live TV all 
use practically no CPU. Be warned though that if you turn on the 
deinterlacing filter (I'm displaying this on a 19" monitor, hence 
interlacing sticks out like a sore thumb) it will use a fair amount of CPU.

At 13:10 29/06/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi guys
>Do know if mythfrontend will use the mpeg decoder of the GeForce 4 when 
>playing recordings or LiveTV ?
>I looking for a hardware MPEG decoder to add on my Myth server, which is a 
>PII 400 with 256 megs of ram, and a PVR 250.
>That machine is running fine the backend, but I would like to have only 
>one machine for both backend and frontend.
>I notice that the GeForce cards are right now very cheap (something like $ 
>20 on ebay) and it's well supported by Linux.
>My other option would be a PVR 350 but it's quite expensive.
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