[mythtv-users] Suse 9.1 and PVR-250

linux at raulinse.de linux at raulinse.de
Tue Jun 29 03:09:37 EDT 2004

Hi Josh,

> Joshua Schramm wrote:
>>Im trying to get a PVR 250 to work on Suse 9.1. (...) but i didnt know if
>> someone had put together a tutorial for
>>9.1 or not.
> If you are well-versed in german, then you could use:
> http://linux.waeckerlin.org/pvr.html

The Link showed above is for Suse 9.0! With that I wasn´t able to get my
PVR-board running.

Here is an alternate link for Suse 9.1 which helped me:


With the informations given by this wiki, I was able to get my PVR350
under Suse 9.1 running. It is important that you use an actual
driver-release from the CVS-Repository!

Andreas Rau

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