[mythtv-users] building ivtvdev driver with gentoo

Dudley Atkinson dudley at jdatkinson.net
Mon Jun 28 08:37:59 EDT 2004

Yes, I've gotten the Kennedy code this way, and it has the ivtv_fb driver.
The ivtvdev driver is different.  I've got the source for it, but don't know
how to get it built "gentoo" style.


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> I have done this, and I use gentoo.  However, I did not use the
> ebuild for ivtv, but instead I grabbed the source from the
> project page.  I can't remember exactly where...google for
> "ckennedy" and "ivtv".  The ckennedy code is well advanced beyond
> what you can get from gentoo, and you can grab it with all of the
> patches already installed.  follow the simple directions (not
> sure if I found them at the same site...I don't think so) to
> build it yourself, outside of portage.  There are several good
> "howto" pages on this subject...at least one of them has good
> directions on how to build this.  It is very straightforward.
> -dvh
> On Sun, 27 Jun 2004 23:08:31 -0500
> "Dudley Atkinson" <dudley at jdatkinson.net> wrote:
> > Has anyone setup the ivtvdev X driver using gentoo?  The binary
> form of the
> > driver won't work in my system, so I'd like to compile from
> source; but it
> > seems that the source is gone when gentoo is done building the X11 from
> > Xorg?
> >
> > Any tips?
> >
> > thanks...
> > JD
> >
> >

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