[mythtv-users] Video codec settings for epia

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se
Sun Jun 27 13:48:35 EDT 2004

What is the best/highest setting for video codec in mythtv that a epia still
can handle?
The reason I ask is that I have always recorded in 720x576 mpeg4+44Khz mp3
and then played it on my windows computer, but that seems to be a bit too
much for a epia-m 10k.

I did a little comparison between mplayer and mythtv bot playing the same
First I used my windows filters to convert the nuv file to an avi file
without any kind of recompression, just a plain format coversion so both
coud use the same recording.
When I play it with mythtv the audio and video freezes every few seconds,
but with mplayer it playes smoothly even with 100% cpu usage.
So something must be differend or I have missed a setting somewere.

Any tips/ideas on how to make mythtv play the old recordings without

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