[mythtv-users] Re: Homebrew PVR Multi-Circuit

Steven White stevew at s2microsolutions.com
Sat Jun 26 16:50:15 EDT 2004

>Any chance of a non-keypad variant?  Lots of folks use cases that don't 
>have exposed drive bays, or have openings designed for VFD (like the 
>ahanix line for example).

Those displays look like the industry standard 2x20 character LCD size 
that I'm using.  I don't know the exact measurements, but it sure looks 
close.  If those are HD44780 compatible (I've seen alot that are), you 
could attach one to this board.  I'll make the bare board available 
without all of the extras for applications where displays are already 
mounted or there isn't room for the drive bay insert.  Would you want a 
drive bay insert with just a graphical overlay to make it look nice and 
no keypad?


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