[mythtv-users] Can't play any video

Raymond Day raymondday at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 25 23:53:19 EDT 2004

Hi all.

I installed Fedora 1 and got mythtv installed. All the menus come up good. I
got the wether to come up good. But TV, DVD or playback of a recorder show
don't work. Nothing happends. I guess it's my video card. The video card is
a S3 Savage4

I can do:

cat /dev/video0 > test_capture.mpg


Ctrl C

mplayer test_capture.mpg

Because I have it set for 720x480 it says "Your system is too Slow to play

I guess that's why mythtv will not play it.

I guess I find the command to switch it to lower then 720x480

It did play the test video before I had mythtv all setup.

-Raymond Day

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