[mythtv-users] Re: Homebrew PVR Multi-Circuit

Dan Morphis dan at milkcarton.com
Fri Jun 25 21:07:45 EDT 2004

Steven White wrote:

> > Why not a 20x4? I have a 20x4 and like the extra info displayed.
>  I knew this one was coming... I had to leave room on the front panel
hehe :-)
>  for the keypad. It may already be too tight for the membrane
>  switches and overlay that I had planned on using. I'm not sure how
>  close the edge of a membrane switch can be to the edge of the panel,
>  but I have to be getting close to the limit. I could probably fit a
>  4x20 LCD in the drive bay and still have the keypad if I had a custom
>  injection molded plastic front made with real momentary switches
>  behind the panel. I'll post some pictures of things soon so that you
>  can see what I mean. I eventually want to try it if it's not too
>  expensive to manufacture and this first model is successful.

I have a 20x4 lcd mounted in my 5 1/4" bay.  It has a d-pad and a cancel 
and confirm button, the keys are membrane.


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