[mythtv-users] Minimum CPU for separate backend

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Fri Jun 25 08:08:23 EDT 2004

> I'm using a Xeon 400Mhz proc (well, 2 procs in the box, but running a
> non-SMP kernel right now ) with a PVR-350 for a backend/frontend

 	2 CPUS in the box but running a non-smp kernel?  Are you INSANE?... :)

Just as another datapoint though, one of my 900MHz PIII's in my SMP box is 
pegged with slightly less than desirable quality on a bttv card.  For a 
pvr-x50, a 233MHz should be completely fine for a backend.  Be careful, 
though... My old dual Celeron 300->450 BP6 did not recognize my PVR-250.  I 
think it's a newer PCI revision (subtle little suckers)... never even showed 
up.  I suspect any machine too old will have that problem.


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