[mythtv-users] Nvidia Driver Woes

Jason keirstead mythtv at keirstead.org
Fri Jun 25 17:16:28 EDT 2004

On June 24, 2004 08:56 pm, Douglas Beck wrote:
> Hi, All.  My friends myth machine is running FC1 and has an Nvidia 
> geforce 4mx card in it.  Following Jarod's guide he installed 
> nvidia-graphics4363 drivers.  For whatever reason this thing hangs hard 
> (random garbage on screen) when the driver fires up.  The machine is 
> completely hung at that point.

Well for one, those dirvers are ancient ( almost 1.5 years old ). One person alreayd said to
disable RenderAccel, that is because in those old drivers RenderAccel was buggy / unstable. In
the current 5336 series it is great.

Why arnen't you using / trying the latest drivers?  I am using the 5336 drivers with my Debian install
without any issues whatsoever.

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